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Pediatric Dentist Coquitlam

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For more information or to request an appointment, call us at (604) 942-6282 or fill out the form. We are not currently offering services to treat or diagnose tongue-tying or lip-tying at this time.

    Why We're The Best Children's Dentist In Coquitlam

    Coast Dental Coquitlam knows how timid many children can be when they visit any dental clinic, that's why our team tailors our dental services to the needs of all children. Our dentists respect our pediatric patients just the same as our adult patients and ensures your children are safe and comfortable.

    Convenient After School and Evening Hours

    Our team knows how difficult it can be to take your child out of school and for you to miss half a day of work! Our team has very flexible hours so you and your children can visit our dentists after school!

    We're open from 9am-6pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays so you can make it after school!

    Why A Pediatric Dentist is Important

    A pediatric dentist has extensive additional training on procedures pertaining to children of all ages.

    From the way development procedures can affect children to understanding the behavior of children and their interactions with dentists. It's important to choose a pediatric dentist to ensure your child grows up with a lifelong trust of visiting a dentist!

    Pediatric Dental Checkups

    In a playful manner, our dentists perform a dental exam to evaluate your child for developmental milestones, dental caries or any potential pathologies.

    There are a few things our dentists cover during your child's appointment:

    Developmental Milestones

    Cavity Check

    Pathology Check

    Fluoride Treatment

    Our dentists at Coast Dental Coquitlam are experts with children. Book an appointment with our friendly team today!

    How to Prepare Your Child For a Dental Visit

    As you're probably aware, many children dislike the dentist very much! Here a few steps we recommend to help your child feel comfortable for a dental appointment at our clinic:

    Role-Playing "dentist-patient" to help them feel comfortable for their appointment

    Counting each other's teeth in the mirror at home

    Booking the appointment during the time of day your child is happiest!

    Practicing good dental hygiene with your child at home

    Dental Emergencies for Children

    Dental emergencies not only happen with adults!

    Children are often more active, play more sports and are still in their developmental stages of their physical dexterity! This can lead to a broken or knocked out tooth.

    Our team at Coast Dental sees these quite often with young children! Make sure you pick a kids dentist who is experienced with these situations so you and your child don't need to worry when it happens!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are commonly asked questions by parents (and children!). If you don't see a question you have answered below, get in touch with our team and we'll answer it for you!

    1How Often Should A Child Go To The Dentist?

    The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend that adults and children visit the dentist at least once every 6 months for routine checkups and dental cleanings.

    After your first pediatric dental appointment, our team will recommend the appropriate frequency for your child's appointments.

    2How Can I Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

    This is actually the most common problem most pediatric dentists face when working with young children.

    To prevent any potential cavities, we recommend to not leave a bottle of milk in your baby's crib at night.

    1What Age Can My Child Get Braces?

    We do not recommend children getting braces until all their baby teeth have fallen out.

    Our dentists will assess the needs of your child and may recommend a palatal expander for children with baby teeth in preparation for braces.

    2What Age Should My Child's First Dental Appointment Be Made?

    As soon as your baby has teeth!

    It's important for your child's health to have a dental checkup as soon as your baby has teeth to ensure everything is fine and healthy.

    1How Can I Help My Child Avoid Cavities?

    This is one of our most common questions!

    To ensure your child has as few cavities (or none) as possible, it's important to brush their teeth twice per day with fluoride toothpaste.

    It's much easier for your child to follow this habit if an adult does it with them each time!