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Digital Dental X-rays

Coast Dental Coquitlam leads the way when it comes to industry practices. One of the ways our team is ahead of the industry is by providing digital x-rays to our clients. Digital x-rays are better for our customers, as well as the environment! Digital x-rays expose clients to up to 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays and they also save the environment by eliminating the need for the development of traditional film paper.

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Digital Dental Impressions: Carestream CS 3700

To ensure our team at Coast Dental Coquitlam is able to provide the utmost care to our clients, we've invested in the latest of digital x-ray equipment. The Carestream CS 3700 is designed by studio F.A. Porsche - the same design firm that designed the Porsche car. The latest in dental technology equipment is required to provide the best care possible to our clients.

Digital Dental Scanning

Digital imaging ensures our doctors are working with the most amount of information possible. With the ability to see every millimeter of work area, our doctors can ensure the best medical decisions and preventative measures can be taken.

Friendly and Experienced Team

We know that many clients have had poor experiences at other clinics, that's why we ensure our staff at every level provide the utmost in customer experience. We know that friendly staff can make uneasy clients feel at ease during their appointment.

Our team also ensures that every member of staff at our clinic is experienced in their particular role on our team. An experienced team is one that can provide the highest level of quality to our patients - something our team takes very seriously.


UV Air Filtration

The team at Coast Dental Coquitlam knows that an investment in all forms of technology is important to providing amazing service to our clients, that's why we have invested in our dental ventilation equipment.

By investing in the latest Ultraviolet air filtration technology, we can ensure we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure a safe work environment for our clients and our staff. Ultraviolet light is an industry-leading form of air purification, it works by exposing all passing air to an ultraviolet beam of light which kills airborne pathogens.

Covid Vaccinated Staff

To ensure our clients and staff are providing the safest environment possible to our clients, we have taken the appropriate measures to vaccinate our staff members at every level. We want our clients to know that we have one of the most proactive and safest dental clinics in the lower mainland.