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    Custom Mouth Guards to Protect Your Smile

    Protecting your teeth and jaw is quite essential for good oral health. Coast Dental Coquitlam in Coquitlam helps patients in the Greater Vancouver Area avoid traumatic injury to their mouth with the use of custom mouth guards. With custom night guards and mouth guards, you can protect your teeth from impact injuries and excessive nighttime teeth grinding.

    1Why Are Night Guards Worn?

    Night guards are usually worn to prevent teeth grinding that can wear down tooth surfaces over time. Teeth grinding can increase the risk for tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth loss. Grinding (bruxism) can also cause temporomandibular join disorder (commonly referred to as TMJ) which is a condition that can cause chronic jaw pain and headaches. A common symptom of TMJ is a "clicking" noise when chewing or yawning.

    2What Causes Teeth Grinding?

    Teeth grinding can occur for many reasons, cmmon reasons are chronic stress and an unbalanced bite that can develop as a result of missing teeth or by teeth that are damaged or off-center. A few solutions to teeth grinding may include correcting damaged teeth, replacing missing teeth or by undergoing orthodontic treatment. In other cases, a form of stress management may be the solution.

    Once teeth grinding becomes a habit, it can be very difficult to stop. Having a night guard in place will prevent the damage caused by teeth grinding and jaw clenching - which occurs most often during sleep.

    3What’s Involved In Getting A Night Guard Or Sports Guard?

    At Coast Dental Coquitlam. we prvoide our patients with custom sports guards and night guards that are specially designed to fit securely and comfortably. We start our process with taking impressions of the upper and lower teeth. These impressions are then sent to a specilizaed dental lab where the mouth guards are developed to the exact measurements required for each patient.

    4Are The Guards From The Dentist Office The Same As The Ones I Can Buy In The Drugstore?

    No, they aren't. Over-the-counter mouth guards are not tailor-made to each indivudal mouth. A precise fit is required for mouth guards for them to fully prevent grinding and impact-related injuries. Over the counter mouth guards may also change shape over time - which don't last longterm.