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    Why would I need a tooth extraction?

    Many patients of any age end up getting at least one tooth extracted and one point in time for many various reasons.

    Teeth extraction operations usually take place when a tooth becomes bothersome for a patient, whether a tooth may cause pain or is removed to reduce overcrowding - there are many different reasons for a tooth extraction.

    Our team at Coast Dental are experts at tooth extractions. Our team is well-versed in treating any uncertainty or anxieties patients may feel when they need a tooth removed at our clinic. Rest assured, you'll feel comfortable with any tooth extractions you may require at our clinic!


    What happens during a tooth extraction?

    Each tooth extraction procedure depends on the location of the tooth, the reason the tooth is being removed and the overall health of the tooth.

    During a standard tooth extraction, the gum will be numbed and the tooth will be pulled using special dental tools that are designed to grip the tooth.

    If a tooth is impacted or broken, one of our dentists may need to make an incision in to the gum to extract the tooth. The incision will then be closed using sutures.

    Will a tooth extraction be painful?

    No, our team ensures each tooth removal is painless for each patient of ours. Our team ensures proper procedures during every extraction to make sure our tooth extraction process is painless!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1How Long Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery Time?

    The first 48 hours are the most important after a wisdom tooth extraction procedure due to any swelling, bleeding, or pressure you may experience.

    After the first 48 hours, it typically takes 1-2 weeks to fully recover from a wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

    Individual recovery time varies from patient to patient. Patients who have impacted wisdom teeth will usually take longer to recover due to the more invasive procedure required for their extraction(s).

    2How To Prevent An Infection After A Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

    As dentists, our team is always concerned about infections post-surgery.

    Whether you have a wisdom teeth extraction procedure or need to have a different tooth removed, there's always the risk that the area will become exposed to bacteria - that's what we try to control and mitigate.

    To prevent any infections, our team recommends to peridoically rinse your mouth with salt water to clean out the areas that were worked on.

    In some cases, an antibacterial mouthwash may be prescribed for any patients who may experience an infection after their wisdom tooth extraction.

    3Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

    At Coast Dental Coquitlam, we understand that each one of our patients is unique and so are their teeth and dental health.

    Whether or not a patient will require wisdom teeth removal will likely depend on their palate size. Some patients have plenty of room for all their teeth and third molars and don't require any wisdom teeth extractions.

    Any wisdom teeth that grow in impacted need to be removed because they can pose a threat to your other teeth and roots in addition with being a target for infections.

    The best way to find out if you may need wisdom teeth removal is to get in contact with our team and schedule an appointment with our Coquitlam dentist office, our team can make a recommendation and answer any questions you may have!

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