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    Restore Your Smile with Dental Crowns & bridges at a Reasonable Cost

    Get A Crown Or Bridge In
    A Single Appointment

    We’ve invested in new CEREC technology in our office, allowing us to do crown and bridge appointments within a single visit. This is not only more convenient but also more hygienic. Our Primescan tool creates highly accurate 3-D scans of your teeth, while the Primemill can customize your crown to fit the shape and size of your mouth. We are able to create crowns and bridges that are an excellent match in colour and appearance to your natural teeth.

    This new technology allows our dental team to oversee your procedure through every single step, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Dental restoration has never been so quick or convenient. Restorative dentistry can improve your oral health by improving your bite and dental alignment. Get in touch today to find out more about this innovative technology and see if you’d be a good candidate.

    What Is the Difference Between a Dental Crown and a Bridge?

    If you’re struggling with damaged, decayed, or broken teeth, you’re not alone. We’re proud to have helped countless patients in the same position achieve a beautiful smile with dental crowns and bridges.

    A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap fitted over an existing tooth and sealed. This process protects the existing tooth and restores a healthy, youthful appearance to your smile. It is a safe, effective treatment for damaged teeth that can protect your teeth, repair your smile, and boost your confidence.

    A bridge works similarly but can be used when multiple teeth are missing in a row. It helps to "bridge" the gap between your existing, healthy teeth.


    What Are The Benefits Of  Dental Crowns or Bridges & When Are They Needed?

    Crowns or bridges can be an effective solution for many common tooth issues, including strengthening weak teeth, camouflaging discoloration, restoring broken teeth, protecting cracked teeth, and more. Because we use CEREC technology, we can now offer single-visit crown or bridge appointments, where we can assess, create, and apply your crown or bridge all on the same day!!

    We use porcelain crowns and bridges as porcelain is a durable, tooth-like substance that can match your surrounding teeth in fit and colour. Depending on your jaw structure, we may suggest a dental implant, where a metal post is used to keep a crown or bridge in place. But don't worry; We’ll offer expert advice to help you decide what type of crown better suits your situation.

    How To Look After Your Dental Crowns & Bridges

    With proper dental care, your dental bridge or crown can last upwards of thirty years! However, the average lifespan of a crown is between five and fifteen years. It’s important to know how to maintain your crowns and bridges to keep your smile looking its best for as long as possible.

    To maintain your dental crown or bridge, brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Remember to floss daily and use mouthwash. Additionally, make sure to schedule regular dental cleanings to maintain your overall oral hygiene. We’ll monitor the condition of your crowns on an ongoing basis to ensure optimal oral health.

    Restore Your Oral Health

    Your oral health is connected to whole-body wellness, and damaged teeth can impact your overall well-being and your confidence. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you restore your oral health and give you back your smile!