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    Invisalign is a near-invisible form of braces. Invisalign corrects a multitude of oral issues such as bite issues and malocclusions using a series of clear aligners made of clear, thin, medical-grade plastic polymer. The aligners are nearly invisible due to how clear they are while being worn. Because the aligners are so clear, they’re quite popular among teens and adults who wish to have “invisible” braces.

    Each new set of aligners will slowly move your teeth over the course of the treatment. New sets of retainers are provided every eight to ten weeks. Invisalign tends to be a more comfortable and less painful option when compared to traditional braces, the treatment is also much quicker. Invisalign tends to take approximately 12-18 months, when traditional wire and bracket braces can take approximately 36 months for the course of the treatment.

    Invisalign has proven to be effective in both clinical research and on millions of patients in private practices worldwide. More than 6 million people have successfully used Invisalign as their treatment option for their oral issues worldwide.

    How Does Invisalign Work?

    Invisalign treatment is mapped out and planned entirely using advanced 3D computer technology. With the combination of orthodontic science with the 3D computer technology, we are able to project future teeth movement to map out the end-location of your teeth. This allows our team to ensure the precise calibration for each set of aligners over the course of your treatment. With the ability to project the end-location of your teeth throughout the course of your treatment, we can also predict the aesthetics of your final smile after the treatment is finished - giving us a look into the future.

    Your Invisalign aligners will need to be worn at all times to ensure they work as planned during your course of treatment - unless you’re brushing your teeth or eating. Thankfully, Invisalign aligners are non-irritating and comfortable, making them easy to be worn day and night.

    Your first Invisalign appointment may take up to a few hours, subsequent appointments may only take 15-30 minutes! Depending on your level of treatment required, your appointments may be spaced only a few weeks apart or at intervals of 8-10 weeks - the frequency of your appointments will depend on the decision of your treating dentists.

    Invisalign Advantages

    1Invisalign Provides Excellent Results With A Shorter Overall Treatment Time

    Invisalign aligners are calibrated precisely to your exact teeth positioning at the time they’re issued, this results in an overall shorter treatment time due to the use of the very precise measurements used to create each set of aligners.

    1No Wire Tightening Equals Shorter Appointments

    Wires on traditional braces must be tightened every four weeks, but invisalign is mapped out from your first appointment. Because of this, our dentists can provide you with multiple aligners at each appointment - saving plenty of time between appointments.

    2Much Easier To Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Clean

    Because invisalign is so easy to remove, they're a fantastic option to traditional wire braces. Traditional braces cannot be removed until the end of the treatment, which can cause a difficult time with the maintenance and upkeep of your oral hygiene routine.

    1Invisalign Makes It Easier To Keep Your Body Healthier

    Having the ability to remove aligners before you eat allows you to maintain a healthier diet. Any foods that would be avoided with traditional braces can be eaten while using invisalign. Foods that would be avoided while using traditional wire braces include foods such as seeds, crunchy fruits and tough vegetables.

    Our dentists will assess the needs of your child and may recommend a palatal expander for children with baby teeth in preparation for braces.

    2Non-Obtrusive Treatment

    Unlike conventional braces, the vast majority of people won't have any idea that you’re wearing invisalign until you tell them. Invisalign is also good for anyone planning to play any form of contact sports while wearing braces because they won’t rub against cheeks or cause any cut lips.